Response by a former Marine colleague,
about Zell Miller and George Bush

I can't help agreeing with you (about Zell Miller's speach about Bush) entirely. Power. That's what he got.

A few months ago, I registered as a Democrat, after being a card-carrying, dues-paying Republican most of my adult life. I served in the Reagan administration at the will of the President. I worked on John McCain's campaign until he was destroyed in South Carolina by the lying sycophants working for the Bush campaign.

Could any of you regard Tom Delay, Rick Santorum, Dr. Blowdry, George W. Bush, Dick-I-flunked-out-of-Yale-twice-and-beat-the-draft-five-times-Cheney as leaders? What patriots! W, when he wasn't AWOL, was flying in the same Texas ANG squadron as John Tower's and Lloyd Bentsen's sons.

I would pray that the half the country that voted for W would wake and smell the ruination. Two wars in two and a half years. Afghanistan belongs again to the warlords. And the poppies are flourishing.

If George W. Bush is not the most ignorant man to hold the office—Pierce included—, he is a perfidious liar with no respect for justice or honor or men other than those like himself—the donor class—those to whom the rules don't apply.

No Child Left Behind. Unfunded or under–funded. It's Presidential bullshit; Bush did the same thing in Texas: make a speech but don't ask for the money to make it work. After all, who's paying attention?

Two enormous tax breaks for the very rich in two years, and the economy? Jobs lost on W's watch, count them.

Our long term economy is headed for ruination, the World Bank will soon confirm that with the long–term debt we've created, billions in unfunded liabilities, this unnecessary war in Iraq and our willingness not only to rebuild the damage we did, but the damage Saddam did, we are poised to create calamity in the world's economic markets. We, the world's largest economy, are out of control.

Every decision made by this White House is based on the how it will play on the donor class: those who have already contributed over $130 million to GWB's war chest. And what's in it for them?

Saddam was on young George's hit list from the outset, long before 9/11. Paul O'Neill just put that out. Recall, it was Saddam who put a contract out on old man Bush. It's the vengeance of the son. Cheney suggested hitting Iraq within 24 hours of 9/11, although Saddam had nothing to do with it or Al Qaeda. These guys would have gone after Saddam anyway.

War on terrorism, my ass.

I do believe the "Justice Department," should be held in contempt, as should Cheney for withholding court ordered documents. John Ashcroft, the man defeated by a dead man, should never have been allowed to sully the halls of the Justice department.

We are rightly regarded by the rest of the world as hypocrites. We, forever quoting the rule of law, ignore it. How can we teach democracy? How can we inspire confidence? This administration is a shameful thing.

Oh, by the way, let's send men to Mars. And send the bill to my kids.

Just remember Ken Lay raised more money for GWB's two gubernatorial and first presidential campaign than anyone else in the universe. Don't expect indictments. But be sure of a Presidential pardon, if it comes to that.

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