Broken Prey

   Sandford has written 18 of these, all with "Prey" in their titles and, I guess, bloody, vicious murders, and perps to be found before they do another one or several. The first in the series is Rules of Prey, and it's good to read it first to get introduced to the main characters and some others who appear in all the books. Broken Prey and all the others are characterized by clever, convoluted plots, with interesting police work detail and important clues hidden in plain sight, funny repartee between Lucas Davenport, the main character, a detective, and his colleagues, and amazingly good description of people, places, settings, and conversation. Sandford must have a good time driving around the settings for his next book, picking up descriptive details. If you don't get that kind of description exactly right, it seems trite and fake. I admire Davenport, and I was glad to see him again, after being introduced to him in Rules of Prey.